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Your Microbiome and how is it connected to your Immunity and how Progurt helps

February 01, 2024

How to use Progurt to help with Flu, COVID , RSV and colds



* It’s your microbiome that keeps you healthy


* It’s your microbiome that determines your longevity


* It’s your microbiome that helps digest your food, regulate your immune system, and protect against other bacteria that cause disease


* It’s your microbiome that produces needed vitamins like B12 for forming red blood cells and DNA, and Vitamin K for blood coagulation


* A healthy gut microbiome deals with your food & drugs & gut lining & immune modulation & protection against pathogens. Um, I’ll have some of that please!!!


* Our human body is inhabited by millions of tiny living organisms, which together are called the human microbiota


* The microbiome refers to the entire habitat of your body, including its microorganisms, genomes and the surrounding environmental conditions. It’s everywhere where life is!


* Your gut microbiome is intimately linked with your immune system. Our gut bacteria inform our immune cells and can both stimulate and soothe our immune response.


* Your microbiota consists of a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms present in and on you, especially abundant in the digestive tract.


* Every Progurt sachet has 1000 million living beneficial human bacteria aimed at replacing what went missing from anti-biotic or chemical damage, and to enhance and refurbish what’s already there.


* Human bacteria are microbes that live on our skin, in our noses, mouths, and especially in our gut and intestines.


* We acquire these bacteria during birth (in and outside the womb) and the first years of life, and they live with and in us throughout our lives and our deaths.